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Big Horn Canyon around July4.  Mom, Linda and I took a cruise up the canyon
Me and my young horse, Brown Raven.

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I've been writing for over 20 years, and doing photography for almost as long.  I specialize in Wyoming literature, stories about Wyoming people.

I photograph Wyoming, and I have framed prints available for sale. I write family histories, newsletters, press releases and articles.

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My newest book

Storm Runner, Spirit Horse

by Cynthia Vannoy 

Little Owl is a Cheyenne girl who wants to be a warrior instead of a wife.  

Storm Runner is her horse, the best buffalo runner she has ever trained.  Together, they hunt buffalo, and battle the Cheyenne's enemy, the Crow.

When Storm Runner is stolen by the Crows, Little Owl undertakes a journey to find her.  The journey takes her from the Big Horns (shining mountains) of Wyoming to the Tetons. 

On her journey, she meets Frog, who is a Lakota Sioux, who helps her in her search.  She travels to the sacred wheel, to the healing waters, and to the rugged peaks of the Teton Range, where she finds herself in the midst of the white trappers at the Rendezvous. 

An excerpt from the book:

A mummer rose among the Cheyenne, many wanted to

kill the Crow, but Frog intervened. “Let him live. Let him go

back to the Crow and tell them of this day. Tell them that the

Cheyenne have the spirit woman and the spirit horse fighting

on their side, and that they also have Bright Lance, the Lakota

shaman whose medicine is very powerful. Also, from now

on, this hunting country will belong to the Lakota and the

Cheyenne. Tell your people that, and you may live.”

Sullenly the Crow nodded, and said. “Cheyenne fight

very unfairly, using spirit horses and spirit women. Crow

cannot fight spirits.” They gave him one of the Crow horses

they had captured, and watched him ride away until he was

out of sight.

A comment from a judge in the Writer's Digest Self-Published book awards,

(This) is such a lovely story and lots and lots of children would love reading about Little Owl and Storm Runner, being drawn into their special world and experiencing the adventure along with them. The characters and the situation are both appealing and the writing is fine

Illustrated by Cynthia Vannoy


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